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ACH Payments to Surpass Checks by 2020

The numbers don’t lie. The use of paper-based checks in business is steadily declining, and in just a few short years more than 45% of all payments will be received via ACH. What side of the trend is your business on?

Download this infographic from the Credit Research Foundation and NACHA to explore what Fortune 1500 companies know about:

  • 3 key factors influencing the payment landscape and which might apply to your business
  • The most common barriers to ACH adoption and how you can help overcome them in your organization
  • How accepting ACH provides benefits to your customers as well as your own organization

ACH payments are quickly becoming the norm. Learn why and how you can keep your businesses ahead of the curve —get the infographic.

In just a few short years more than 45% of all payments will be received via ACH.

Gain access to this and more thought leading content now.

Learn how Paymode-X can help your organization transition from paper checks to ACH payments.

Get started now.

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Paymode-X: Success by the Numbers

Moving to electronic payments not only leads to greater efficiency in terms of cost, time, and security but also allows for organizations to increase AP automation, savings, and rebates.

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