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Avoid #HolidayFail & Improve Bank Customer Acquisition in the Year Ahead


It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday season. But, as anyone who watches from the sideline of the office holiday party knows, it’s also possible to get carried away. Lose your focus at the end of the year and you risk not only the condemnation of your coworkers but also receiving a big lump of coal from your dissatisfied customers.

The holiday period is one of the busiest of the year, and it’s also very digitally dependent. With the amount of gifting, shipping, signing, and accounting that is happening as the year ends, there’s more traffic than ever passing through your digital tools.

Don’t let a minor problem balloon into a major one because you’re too busy decorating the office gingerbread house on Friday afternoon. Plan ahead with our guide to avoiding a #HolidayFail this season to avoid the stress of being spread too thin this December.

6 ways to avoid #holidayfail at work this season

By 2020, 35% of the market will be in play due to digital disruption created by demographic shifts, cloud, mobile and big data. Will your user experience win market share?

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Online Account Opening for Consumers Overview

Now more than ever, banks need to grow. By signing up new customers and expanding existing customer relationships. To do that, banks have traditionally relied on physical branches and paper applications. But the world has changed. Customers are unsatisfied by the old way of doing things. They want to shop and buy online - even when it comes to banking services. Banks face a digital sales and marketing divide.

Customer Success Story

First Command Bank Sees 35% Growth with Online Account Opening

After experiencing an increase in new clients, First Command Bank needed to find a way to make the process of opening accounts easier for financial advisors, since they often assist clients in setting up deposit accounts. Their current process was manual and involved customers filling out forms and then advisors faxing or emailing the completed forms to the bank. While this worked, it was a cumbersome, lengthy process and the redundancies sometimes resulted in errors.

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