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What Horse Racing and Paperless Payables Have in Common

Automating financial processes is a lot like preparing for a horse race.

To cash in on the paperless payables race, organizations need to operate like the best horse and jockey combos -- with unwavering focus, the drive to be victorious, and a best-of-breed approach to doing business.

Is your organization race-ready? Read on to discover 4 factors you can't afford to overlook as you look to achieve end-to-end payables automation.

63% of organizations are still making half their payments by paper check.

Organizations can reduce invoice processing costs by 82% with automation. What you can do to become best-in-class

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Make your documents work smarter, not harder. Learn how to use financial document automation to improve reporting and analytics and reduce DSO and processing costs.

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Transforming Accounts Payable from Paper to Paperless

Less than one-quarter of accounts payable departments describe their invoice processes as being “highly automated,” Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) reports

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