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On-Demand Webinar

How the Consumerization of Commercial Banking Will Impact the Future of B2B Payments

The financial services industry has been trying to change the nature of B2B payments for decades. And if you have been in the industry for a while you may think it will never happen. But think again. The same trends that are driving change for consumers – digital communities, customer experience innovation, and big data – are about to transform B2B as well.

In this live discussion we will hear from industry leaders about what to expect next. We are joined by Joe Schwartz of Bottomline Technologies, Jessica Moran of Bottomline Technologies and Dan Williams, FifthThird for a live digital discussion “How Commercial Banking Will Shape The Future of B2B Payments.” During the live discussion they provide insight on the evolution of B2B will discuss what comes next, over the near term and longer term.

Predictions we will cover include…

  • How Digital Banking Communities Will Transform B2B
  • How Commercial Banks Can Innovate Around the Payment to Drive Growth
  • New Opportunities Driven by Data and Insights

See how three organizations revolutionized their AP payment processes with Paymode-X.

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Paymode-X: Success by the Numbers

Moving to electronic payments not only leads to greater efficiency in terms of cost, time, and security but also allows for organizations to increase AP automation, savings, and rebates.

On-Demand Webinar

The State of ePayables 2017: The Convergence of Cash, Suppliers and Intelligence

Ardent Partners found that 56% of organizations perceive the AP function as either "very" or "exceptionally" valuable to organizational operations. Listen to industry experts talk through all of the Ardent Partners 2017 research results and the future of ePayables in this on demand webinar.

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