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On-Demand Webinar

SWIFT CSP Compliance: Limiting Access, Detecting and Responding

Are you SWIFT CSP compliant?

Join Strategic Treasurer and Bottomline Technologies for the final installment of our two-part webinar series on responding to the new payment controls by SWIFT.

This webinar defines the requirements and offers a practical guide to the critical tasks needed to ensure SWIFT CSP compliance.

Specifically, we'll discuss how you can:

  • Prevent the compromise of credentials
  • Manage identities and segregate privileges
  • Detect anomalous activity to system or transaction records
  • Plan for incident response and information sharing

Keep your organization on track with the fast-approaching deadline – watch the webinar now.

Make SWIFT CSP compliance a priority. Stay ahead of the deadline and get prepared now

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White Paper

SWIFT for Corporates

Access to SWIFT is no longer the exclusive domain of the largest corporations. Any company operating in a multibank/ multi-connectivity environment, regardless of size, can now take advantage of SWIFT to streamline communications and create a more efficient payment environment.

On-Demand Webinar

SWIFT: Securing Your Environment Through Payment Controls

Join Strategic Treasurer and Bottomline Technologies for the first installment in their two-part webinar series on ensuring SWIFT compliance with SWIFT CSP controls.

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