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Research Report

2017 Universal Treasury Aggregators Analyst Report

Read this in-depth Treasury Aggregator analyst report from Treasury experts to better position your organization to…

  • Understand what a treasury aggregator is and what differentiates it from other offerings
  • Evaluate industry trends and drivers to build a business case for treasury aggregators
  • Pinpoint the unique benefits of aggregation technology
  • Identify best practices regarding selection and implementation of a treasury aggregator
…and much more. Read on to discover how a treasury aggregator can help your organization streamline payments while enhancing security and compliance.

The challenges that are confronted when dealing with a global, high volume, and multi-faceted payments landscape can quickly consume all of treasury's time and obstruct them from focusing on more strategic activities.

Make SWIFT CSP compliance a priority. Find out how you can get prepared now

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Bottomline Universal Aggregator

The Universal Aggregator solves all of these challenges – for banks, financial institution, governmental organizations and corporates alike. It provides a seamless single-access point to multiple payment systems organizations.


Treasury Fraud & Controls 2017 Survey Report Infographic

To prevent treasury fraud, your organization must understand the current fraud landscape and the top sources of fraud. Fraud is rising, whether it’s payment fraud, imposter fraud, cyber fraud, or ransomware.


SWIFT Compliance & Payment Fraud Protection

Increasing threats of payment fraud have resulted in a new set of SWIFT security controls, known as the SWIFT Customer Security Programme or CSP. The SWIFT CSP establishes a set of mandatory and advisory controls to act as a security foundation for the SWIFT community.

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