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Research Report

Ardent Partners ePayables 2016: Eyes on the Prize – “Strategies for Success”

The AP function is well-positioned to shatter the perceptions that have held it back – that AP is a tactically focused department that only provides value through invoice processing and payment scheduling.

Based on the experience, insights, and intentions of leaders across AP, finance, and P2P – Chapter 4 of Ardent Partners new ePayables 2016: Eyes on the Prize “Strategies for Success” report explores:

  • The future of accounts payable – including expected changes in AP over the next 2-3 years
  • The top 3 game-changing innovations for AP
  • 6 recommendations for all Enterprises
  • Next level recommendations for AP professionals and executives

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See how three organizations revolutionized their AP payment processes with Paymode-X.

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Paymode-X: Success by the Numbers

Moving to electronic payments not only leads to greater efficiency in terms of cost, time, and security but also allows for organizations to increase AP automation, savings, and rebates.

On-Demand Webinar

The State of ePayables 2017: The Convergence of Cash, Suppliers and Intelligence

Ardent Partners found that 56% of organizations perceive the AP function as either "very" or "exceptionally" valuable to organizational operations. Listen to industry experts talk through all of the Ardent Partners 2017 research results and the future of ePayables in this on demand webinar.

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