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Research Report

Financial Document Automation: A Solution to the Top 3 Finance Pain Points

Digital financial documents are becoming more and more prevalent in the B2B world, yet the paper-based financial processes that persist today are the primary anchor holding back progress towards achieving such digital transformation. To combat these inefficiencies, organizations can adopt financial document automation solutions which have the ability to:

  • Eliminate paper-heavy, costly & inefficient processes
  • Ensure seamless integration & remove complexities
  • Enhance visibility & increase control over financial assets

Download this article and discover how financial document automation is the best solution to help your organization solve the three most pressing pain points plaguing financial professionals today.

Digital transformation is inevitable, but paper and paper processes are the anchor which holds back progress" In general, which of the following apply in your business unit? Most of the documents we scan are unchanged from printer to scanner. We are now r

Average annual cost of cybercrime in the financial services industries is $20.8 million. What you can do to win the fight

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10 Ways A Lack of Visibility into Your Receivables is Undercutting Your Business

Lack of visibility into receivables isn’t an annoyance or occasional frustration - it is a substantial crisis for businesses today.

Research Report

2017 B2B Payments & Working Capital Management Strategies Survey Report

The results are in: 45% of corporates see a bank’s B2B payables offerings as being a very important or extremely important factor in the bank selection process. The 2017 B2B Payments and WCM Strategies Survey captured the responses of 335 corporate and bank practitioners at some of the world’s largest businesses and financial institutions.

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