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Healthcare Privacy Data & Security

Maximize your defense against snooping, identity theft and data breaches, with Bottomline Healthcare Privacy Data and Security solutions. PDS monitors activity across a wide range of environments including EMRs and databases, captures and stores data, and generates alerts in real-time for policy violations and suspicious activity. With PDS, you get complete visibility into end-user activity with just a few clicks.

Flexible and highly configurable fields allow you to isolate events by parameters such as date and time, patient, type of user, or event type. Then, you can investigate and have the ability to replay the user EMR session to view what users see - screen by screen. 

PDS EMR session replay is available on day 1, providing exceptional business value out-of-the-box.

Protect your organization against data theft and combat HIPAA violations with Bottomline solutions today. Learn more.

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4 Ways to Protect Your Patients' Privacy

The proverbial pot of data gold. For every patient who walks in, a hospital collects the following information, at a minimum: name, phone number, address, SSN, date of birth, occupation and insurance information. It is all maintained meticulously and kept up to date. And it makes fraudsters salivate.


Patient Privacy Protection: How to Avoid Alert Overload

How many security alerts does your healthcare organization generate? Every day? Every week? Every month? It's not unusual for healthcare organizations to have an overwhelming number of alerts to investigate but only one or two individuals to investigate the alerts. Most hospitals cannot hire dozens of investigators to examine each alert, so what can be done?

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