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No financial institution or corporation, regardless of their industry, wants to be a part of a fraud headline, or fall foul of regulations, but staying ahead of opportunistic fraudsters, emerging AML threats and increasing compliance demands seems like a continuous crusade. Working with a trusted partner focused on protecting and securing your payments processes will help you build the best defenses in a landscape of increased risk. 

86% of companies experienced payment fraud, cyber fraud, business email compromise or ransomware in the past year. 

Don't head into the payments fraud battle alone. Learn more now! 

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Fraud Sector Guide: Understanding the Threat of Fraud and How to Prevent It

Payments fraud can be categorized into two sectors, internal and external. While external fraud such as social engineering and email account compromise is covered widely in the media, internal fraud including asset misappropriation and insider fraud is rarely acknowledged.


Cyber Fraud & Risk Management – Secure Payments for Digital Banking

CFRM Secure Payments for Digital Banking locks out payment fraud while maintaining a positive customer experience by factoring in the risk context for any payment account or transaction. It protects with continuous risk assessment of all customer interaction channels, while providing advanced analytics of user behavior and transaction flows, through advanced machine learning.

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