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Daikin Achieves Financial Returns with Bottomline Technologies’ Paymode-X

Daikin Applied Americas needed to upgrade its time-consuming manual paper check AP payment system to meet rapid business growth demand and corporate efficiency goals. With over 50,000 Vendor payments made on an annual basis, it was looking for a way to automate paper transactions to electronic through ACH functionality.

Find out how Daikin was able to increase AP productivity, reduce its carbon footprint and provide its valuable Vendors with fast and convenient payment.

“The stack of checks I have to review is so much smaller than before we implemented Paymode-X. I have more time to focus on strategic finance initiatives. Between high levels of payment automation, the early payment discounts we capture and the cash back we get, Accounts Payable at Daikin is no longer viewed as a cost center,” said Jerry Johnson.

Get paid through Paymode-X. Change the game

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7 Questions to Ask a Potential Payment Network Partner

Choosing a payment network partner may or may not be the right choice for your organization. If you do choose to investigate that avenue, however, here are seven questions you should ask a prospective partner, to be sure you get what you need (and maybe some added benefits you haven't thought of yet).

Paymode-X Payer Video

Watch this video to learn how Paymode-X can transform your organization and monetize AP spend with full payment automation, increased efficiency, improved security, and maximum rebate potential.

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