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5 Best Practices for Managing Global Payments in a Changing World

Companies are seeking new ways to effectively address complex global payment and cash management issues. Comprehensive and flexible payment hubs will soon become the "dominant architecture in the payment industry," and new strategies are required to optimize the use of this emerging business model."

This white paper examines five key areas that a payment hub should address and recommends best practices that can ensure you execute the business process changes required to minimize risk and improve cash management.

55% of corporates are making more than half of their B2B payments electronically. Is your organization ready to unlock the future of B2B payments?

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White Paper

3 Reasons to Consolidate your International Payments Processes

Nearly 75% of corporations conduct business in more than one country and more than 60% of corporations use at least 10 different banks.

White Paper

The Three Battles of International Payments

Battling with international payments processes? You’re not alone. The processes for sending payments to different geographies are challenging, time-consuming, and relentlessly frustrating.

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