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eSignature: Fast Pass your Patients to Better Care

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As healthcare providers, the ultimate goal is quality care as quickly as possible.  However, it is likely that a patient will first have to wait...wait to check in.... wait to fill out forms.... wait to confirm insurance coverage.. wait to confirm payment status.  But these days, lines are becoming the anomaly not the norm.  Industries have evaluated their consumer-wait scenarios and re-defined the process or the paradigm to eliminate the waiting. 

Airport check-in and security lines seem to move faster with 24 hour pre-arrival check in and baggage fee payments.  Banks enable consumers to open accounts, make deposits, and initiate payments from their phones.  Even amusement parks have the "fast-pass" option to get you right on your favorite rides.  So the question becomes, can you offer your patients a "fast pass" to healthcare?

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the options for re-engineering and re-defining the processes and paradigms in healthcare to give your patients a fast pass to better care.

As trends in healthcare push patient consumerism to the forefront, there is no time like the present to make a move that will support your patients in the ongoing desire for faster, more efficient care.

One provider achieved 33% improvement in HCAHPS scores with electronic data capture.

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White Paper

eSignatures and the EMR - Patient Consumerization in Healthcare

In everyday life, patients deal with electronic signatures for everything from buying a house to buying groceries. Providers are faced with the challenge of meeting this expectation from patients in a world of constant forms, consents, disclosures, and more. In fulfilling this requirement, Healthcare IT organizations must also consider the integration to the core of the hospital and patient information - the electronic medical records system (EMR). On the surface of what seems to be the "easy road" may exist restrictions and unforeseen costs. Learn more about the options and considerations of embracing esignature and patient consumerization.


PreCapture™: Complete Forms Anywhere

Empower patients with technology that allows these forms and consents to be filled out in the comfort of their homes.

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