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White Paper

Fraud Sector Guide: Understanding the Threat of Fraud and How to Prevent It

In 2018, a full 86% of companies experienced some form of payment fraud, cyber fraud, imposter fraud or ransomware. All of those types of fraud can have major implications for an organization’s bottom line and reputation, and all are preventable.

In this white paper, we examine the most common types of fraud, the ramifications of ever-growing digital and payments fraud, and how taking action to improve security and follow industry best practices can protect your business in 2019 and beyond.

“With a well-managed fraud prevention strategy, you can radically limit fraudulent activity throughout your business.”

Fight fraud with enhanced security and risk management solutions.

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White Paper

The Impact of Machine Learning on Fraud Detection

The costs associated with payment fraud have been at the forefront of the payments industry for the past few years and unfortunately this is unlikely to change. As criminals find faster ways to commit fraud, it is important for fraud detection tools and technologies to evolve and innovate at a quicker pace.


Cyber Fraud & Risk Management: Secure Payments

Gartner recently reported that the newest trend in fraudulent activity is Cross-Channel Fraud, the manipulation of multiple channels to perpetuate a fraud scheme.

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