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International Payments is the New Normal

Today's banks are faced with ever-changing regulatory requirements, as well as an increased number of formats for transactions that make financial operations more complicated. At the same time, banks are pressured to maxmize return on equity while satisfying customers. In these situations, organizations often rely on technology in order to create efficiency within processes and identify new ways of doing business.

This report by Aberdeen Group identifies the problems facing financial institutions today, the technology they adopt, as well as the benefits of a single, central solution.

Make SWIFT CSP compliance a priority. Find out how you can get prepared now

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White Paper

How to Use SWIFT CSP to Benefit Your Business

With payment fraud at an all-time high, SWIFT CSP requirements and the looming January deadline for compliance, your business is likely working through how to best implement stronger payments security while maintaining the trust of your customers and suppliers.


2017 B2B Payments & Working Capital Management Strategies Survey Report

B2B payments are continuing to transform throughout the corporate world. Check out this infographic to see where the future is heading.

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