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White Paper

The Need for Compliance and Control in a Changing Landscape

It is well-recognised that a number of factors are dramatically changing the regulatory landscape for banks and financial institutions. These include the post-financial crisis focus on improving the safety and resilience of the financial markets, efforts to stimulate competition in financial services while protecting consumers, and an increased drive to fight financial crime.

The purpose of this white paper is therefore to explore the compliance challenges impacting corporates, and the technology, process and business responses which they can formulate in order to comply, while also generating operational and commercial benefits.

Average annual cost of cybercrime in the financial services industries is $20.8 million. See what you can do to win the fight

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Research Report

Strategic Treasurer: Treasury Fraud & Controls 2017 Report

The results are in: eighty-six percent of surveyed treasury professionals said their company had experienced payment fraud attempts in the past two years¹.

White Paper

How to Use SWIFT CSP to Benefit Your Business

With payment fraud at an all-time high, SWIFT CSP requirements and the looming January deadline for compliance, your business is likely working through how to best implement stronger payments security while maintaining the trust of your customers and suppliers.

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