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Real-Time Payments Primer

Mobile technology and digital commerce are driving the need for a faster and safer payments system in the U.S. There are many “faster payment” or real-time approaches available around the globe aimed at expediting the availability of funds. Yet a single approach for the industry has not yet evolved. With multiple options available in the marketplace, here are a few things to consider as you strategize your approach.

Some banks are using an “industry verticals” use case approach – that can help you find a quicker path to market and deliver future benchmarks and best practices. One way you can do that is to segment your customers and find out where they would benefit from real-time payments.

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By 2020, 35% of the market will be in play due to digital disruption created by demographic shifts, cloud, mobile and big data. Will your user experience win market share?

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Bottomline’s Real-Time Payments Drives Digital Engagement for Banks and Businesses

BOSTON, MA – Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ:EPAY), a leading provider of financial technology that helps make business payments simple, smart and secure, today announced the expansion of its Digital Banking IQ™ suite with the launch of its Real-Time Payments module, utilizing the RTP® network from The Clearing House.


Global Payments and Banking 2020: Experts Weigh in on What's Next

We brought together the most prominent thought leaders on payments and banking to share their predictions on what the next decade has in store. From open banking, to more sophisticated fraud schemes, to real-time payments, to the rise of artificial intelligence and process automation... they all agree the innovation and shifts in the marketplace will require you to adapt and evolve.

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