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Three Steps to Help Manage Security Alert Overload

How many security alerts does your healthcare organization generate every day?One hundred? One thousand? More? These numbers are not unusual. It’s also not unusual for healthcare organizations to have a single investigator responsible for patient privacy violations – one who is likely overworked and overwhelmed. Take the lower end of the spectrum: say you have 100 security alerts per day.

Then, assume you have one investigator, who can handle an average of fifty security alerts per day. That leaves 50 security alerts unaddressed every day. Is it any wonder that cyber crimes cost healthcare organizations an average of $2.4M a year? There are simply too many alerts to handle!

Average annual cost of cybercrime in the financial services industries is $20.8 million. See what you can do to win the fight

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Stop Internal Patient Privacy Threats: Four Cases of Potential Internal Threats

Help protect against patient privacy threats by following investigator “Safer” as he implements best-in-class privacy solutions and investigates four cases against his arch nemesis “Fingers”.

White Paper

Shine a Light on the Unknown: Accurately Profiling Patient Privacy Risk in Healthcare

If you want to have the best possible insight into your employees, your patients and your business then you must implement a robust profiling system as a part of your analytics strategy. Profiling provides the perfect complement to the rules that are a part of the organization’s risk engine.

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