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Your Risk Management Hub: The Benefits of a Layered Risk Strategy

With increased adoption of technology comes new challenges, particularly in the form of changing risks, regulations, and fraud. Becoming big business for criminals, account opening fraud can take many forms, from amateur fraudsters using stolen credentials to obtain credit cards, to extremely sophisticated operations resulting in big dollar losses.

A well-executed risk management hub is the first step in helping financial institutions prevent fraudulent activity without sacrificing the overall user experience:

  • Seamlessly consolidating multiple risk and fraud services into one solution
  • Decreasing the number of applicants who require manual review
  • Presenting actionable analytics that allow you to measure success of your risk strategy and optimize as you go
  • Incorporating artificial intelligence and built-in machine learning in order to stay ahead of the latest fraud practices
  • Adapting to suit your financial institution’s unique risk management needs

This whitepaper explores the typical risk management hub and the solutions within it.

Aite reports that 45% percent of financial institution executives say the trend for real-time fraud losses has increased 10% or more compared to two years ago, and an additional 30% saw the trend for such losses rise between 1% and 9.9%.

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When it comes to fraud, the only constant is change. New account fraud will only continue to grow and evolve as fraudsters become more sophisticated. Learn more about Bottomline's Identity Verification solutions.

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