As banking becomes increasingly digital, it must also stay inherently personal. The next generation of financial industry leaders will be defined by their ability to know their customers and provide personalized, proactive guidance and products. But how do financial organizations develop those kinds of relationships? The key is to incorporate personalization across the entire customer experience.

As this research will reveal, financial institutions use a wide array of relationship management technologies. Unfortunately, many of these solutions lack banking-specific functionality and often leave customer data siloed, making it difficult to achieve a holistic view of customer activity across an organization. While our research shows that organizations of all sizes experience these struggles, they’re especially prevalent at smaller financial institutions that still rely on homegrown or core CRM systems.

For banks and credit unions that want to reach their customer relationship goals and drive better engagement in our digital era, purpose-built banking relationship management technologies provide an answer. Those that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can transform CRM data into actionable insights. The result is improved customer engagement and loyalty, increased growth across business lines, and, ultimately, deeper customer relationships.

Why it Matters

Only 40% of financial service organizations are confident that their customer identity profiles are complete and accurate.


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