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Brett King

Brett King, Co-Founder, Moven

Brett King, Australian futurist and co-founder of neo-bank Moven, explains how financial institutions must eliminate friction in order to improve the integration or embedded nature of banking in SMB customers’ lives.

What's on the table:

  • Why SMBs are often neglected, and how this presents a market opportunity for well positioned, forward-thinking financial institutions.
  • Brett King’s personal insights as a serial small business owner and banking industry expert on the difficulties plaguing SMBs trying to navigate the banking arena.
  • How advancements and emerging technologies in banking — specifically the move to digital, low friction engagement — will serve as a benefit to SMBs in the long-run.

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Jill Castilla

Jill Castilla, CEO, Citizen Bank of Edmond

Jill Castilla chats with our host Ron Shevlin on how the economic impact of the pandemic crisis has heightened the risks and opportunities for banks — and why financial institutions must act as “economic first responders.”

What’s on the table:

  • Why financial institutions have a duty to ensure SMB customers are aware of resources like the PPP, EIDL, and other government-led opportunities to bolster business cashflow in a time of crisis.
  • How financial institutions can alleviate anxiety for their SMB customers regarding loan repayment and forgiveness by being patient and understanding, and how leveraging digital transformation can enhance these relationships.
  • How banks can attract new SMB customers seeking financial assistance by doubling down on their role as community stewards during economic hardship.

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Norm Deluca

Norm Deluca, General Manager, Bottomline

Norm DeLuca, General Manager Digital Banking Solutions Group, at Bottomline discusses why “this time is different” in terms of digital acceleration and the opportunities that small businesses present, including what banks must do to act on these opportunities right now.


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Dan O'Malley

Dan O'Malley, CEO, Numerated

Dan O’Malley explains how the COVID-19 pandemic sped up the move from digital transformation to digital acceleration in banking, and why financial institutions must be on guard from disruption from big, tech savvy banks and aggressive FinTechs.

What’s on the table:

  • Why a ‘wait and see’ approach to digital transformation won’t work any longer for mid-size financial institutions operating in the SMB space, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has made this more apparent.
  • How FinTechs have encroached on the market share of financial institutions across all channels of banking, and why financial instructions will need to leverage digital technology to survive.
  • Why the advantage that mid-size financial institutions will have over FinTechs, big banks and big tech is a more tailored customer experience, and how they must leverage technology to capitalize on it.


Smart banks can win in small business. with Dan O

Brian O'Connor

Brian O’Connor, Citizen’s Bank

Brian O’Connor, Head of Strategy for Business Banking at Citizen’s Bank shares how initiatives aimed at helping small businesses, as well as reemphasizing digital efforts, can have a massive impact on digital usage and customer satisfaction.


Smart banks can win in small business with Brian O

Steve Beisser

Steven Beisser, Vice President, HelioCampus

Steven Beisser provides the voice of the small business owner, outlining his experience — both positive and negative — with his partner financial institutions, as well as actionable steps banks can take to help their small business customers succeed.


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Derik Sutton

Derik Sutton, VP Marketing, Autobooks

Derik Sutton explains why optimizing cash flow is the number one thing small businesses need from banks during the pandemic crisis — and any other time — and what financial institutions should be doing to get there.


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Why it matters?

At least 35% to 40% of small businesses either continue to be served on consumer or consumer-like banking platforms or are camouflaged as consumers.

Source: Aite Group: The Higher Urgency for Small-Business Receivables Tools in the Wake of COVID-19 APRIL 2020


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