The State of B2B Payments 2015: Emerging Business Value

In a world where the speed of business increases moment by moment, and the next big competitor is right around the corner, enterprises can ill afford to let business value slip through their fingers. This is, however, what many organizations have done by allowing manual, paper-based methods to persist in their supplier payment operation. Paper checks may have functioned "well enough" in the past, but a new set of electronic payment (ePayment) solutions have captured the attention of finance and accounts payable ("AP") leaders as they strive to find and drive value in a previously untapped area.

In this comprehensive report by Ardent Partners, learn about:

The emerging value ePayments provide to AP organizations and their enterprises

Industry-wide view into the ePayments marketplace

Benchmarks, analysis, and recommendations AP and finance leaders can use to improve their payment operations

Capturing the experience and insights of over 200 leaders from accounts payable and finance.

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