The eighteenth annual State of ePayables report focuses on the impact of AI on AP and provides actionable recommendations for AP professionals to take advantage of emerging technologies and pave the way for a smart future.

Report Overview:

Chapter 1

The state of AP

This chapter looks at the continuing evolution of the accounts payable function and the value it delivers, as well as its level of engagement and alignment within the enterprise today. The chapter also highlights AP'S top strategic priorities in 2023 and how AP groups are increasingly using data and intelligence to drive operations.

Chapter 2

The state of ePayables

This chapter examines the impact of AP technology today and the imperative for AP groups to accelerate the adoption and utilization of these tools, or risk being left behind in the over-changing business landscape. It also discusses the major hurdles facing AP in 2023 and the key capabilities AP will use to face them.

Chapter 3

Best-in-class Accounts Payable

This chapter provides AP performance and operational benchmark statistics and a profile of Best-in-Class performers and their distinguishing characteristics and strategies.

Chapter 4

AP's smarter future

This chapter discusses the factors that can help drive AP to the next level of performance as well as the impact that Al will have on AP before concluding with some recommendations on what AP can do to pave the way to a smarter future.


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