Due to the rise of business process automation tools, cloud-based applications, mobile solutions and connected devices permeating the modern business environment, more data is being created each year than ever before.

The result is a world that has become increasingly data-driven and businesses around the globe have an extraordinary opportunity to capitalize on it. In 2019, businesses and consumers are now fully engulfed by technology and the data it both creates and captures.

The same holds true for accounts payable departments across the globe. In the 2019 Ardent Partners State of ePayables report you’ll get invaluable information, garnered from the feedback of more than 150 AP and finance leaders on topics that matter most to them, like:

The continuing evolution of the accounts payable function

How innovation is paving a path for the future of AP

Benchmark statistics and profiles of best-in-class performers in AP

Why Automate?

The average accounts payable function in 2019 has an extraordinary opportunity to impact the greater enterprise through intelligence, insights and financial efficiency.


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