During the early COVID-19 pandemic, AP professionals worked urgently, often placing themselves in harms way, to ensure business continuity, bolster financial resilience, and help to prepare their enterprise for the next economic phase. In 2020, AP had never been more important to business operations and business results. 16 months later, AP's importance remains at an apex.

The sixteenth annual State of ePayables report focuses directly on the impact that the pandemic had on AP, finance and procure to pay leaders, and how businesses can operate, and even thrive, in the new normal.

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In this report you'll find a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of AP and insights into the experience, performance, perspectives and intentions of more than 180 of your peers. You'll receive benchmarks, recommendations and analysis that you can use to:

Better understand the state of AP today

Gain insight into best practices

Benchmark your performance against best-in-class AP functions

...and more.

Why it matters

Though the immediate future is difficult to predict, it is clear that the pandemic has made lasting changes that will affect future generations of AP professionals.


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