The rapid growth of its physical footprint propelled a community financial institution to one of the nation’s leading super-regional banks. After conducting a review of deposit origins, the bank found that more than half of all deposits were being made through non-teller channels such as ATMs, online and mobile banking. In response, the bank hatched plans for a nationwide expansion that wouldn’t depend on brick and mortar locations. Determining it would be most efficient and cost-effective to use and expand on digital technologies already in place, the bank opted to create an exceptional online experience that would be available to new customers regardless of their location.

The bank understood it would be challenging to make a splash in untapped and competitive markets. For this reason, the bank developed a brand new digital product bundle that, along with supporting marketing campaigns, would be unique enough to stand apart from other offerings in that space. Find out how one bank achieved a 43% YOY increase in online applications with Bottomline.

Why it matters?

Across every income level, a nearly equal percentage of consumers cited “digital banking tools” as one of the most important factors influencing their banking choice. That number is increasing at the same time the ranking of “convenient bank locations” declines.


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