Bottomline Transform Content Center's online document storage and retrieval solution allows your company to: 

Archive business output from the full portfolio of Bottomline document and payment platforms, including Create!form, FormScape, Optio, Trasnform AP, PayBase and WebSeries. 

View checks, payment files, invoices, purchase orders, account statements, shipping manifests and other important documents online

Comply with federal and other compliance requirements for document archiving and access

Present documents via a self-service intranet or extranet for employees, customers, vendors or other business partners

Scan documents and index metadata with Transform Capture tools stored in Transform Content Center

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Transform Content Center automates the labor-intensive, manual processes of sorting, filing and retrieving your business' most critical transactional documents, payments and related files. Now your organization can automatically archive all of its ERP and business application output into easily accessible files without costly changes or customization of your existing IT systems. 

Leveraging Transform Content Center's self-service web application, all archived files are indexed and made available for instant search and retrieval from a convenient web browser, dramatically increasing the efficiency of your business processes, while reducing the costs and hassles of paper document handling and storage.

Bottomline's solution provides integrated storage and online self-service capabilities that eliminate filing cabinets and make it easy for end-users to query, retrieve, view, print or share documents anytime, anywhere through their familiar ERP interface or via the web.

Scalable to meet enterprise needs for transactional documents

Transform Content Center is a completely scalable solution, suitable for low-volume, departmental archive requirements, as well as high-volume enterprise-wide transactional document archive, search and retrieval scenarios. Bottomline has customers archiving more than 70,000 transactional documents at a time, with ongoing archive volumes exceeding 5 million documents.

Transform Content Center can also leverage the power of Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases, including easy-to-use document aging features. As documents age or become outdated, they can be moved to secondary, off-line archives, or deleted altogether, increasing the performance and integrity of the archive database as well as better management of disk space. 

Simple Administration
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Multiple document entry and import methods

Output from Bottomline-integrated document and payment applications can be configured for automatic posting to the archive as it exits the system. Legacy documents and content files can also be imported into Transform Content Center with associated index files, enabling even non-Bottomline generated documents to be stored as fully searchable items within the database.

For enterprises looking to expand their archive entry methods with an integrated imaging solution, Bottomline offers Transform Capture solutions, as optional, add-on modules for scanning, capturing and indexing documents. Working together, Transform Capture solution and Transform Content Center offer customers a way to fully automate the lifecycle of their most critical transactional documents, reducing paper and accelerating business cycle times. 

Complete archive management

Full-text search:

A database serach can be conducted against any pre-defined field, document type, label or text component. This enables faster, more accurate search and retrieval of archived documents. Full-text search also allows users to query against a particular keyword, sentence or phrase contained anywhere within the document itself.

Role-based dashboard:

When users log in, they are presented with a "dashboard" providing summary information of the documents available to them. The dashboard displays access to document types, counts of documents, documents by status and new documents by status, based on their role.


Document annotations:

Transform Content Center allows annotations to be entered and stored with archived documents, giving users the power to communicate detailed issues related to a document by attaching notes. Annotations can also be attached to a particular transaction that is in question. All notes are fully searchable for easy access and review. 

Document email notification subscriptions:

Alerts can be set up to notify individual users and/or groups of users about new documents matching a particular condition via subscription. New documents matching the alert can be seen from the subscription dashboard. 

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Role-based access enhances document security 

With Transform Content Center, permission to view and access documents can be applied to one or more users, and users can be assigned to different groups based on their role. Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory allows organizations to take full advantage of single sign-on, improving security while simplifying implementation and long-term maintenance. 

Transform Content Center implementation

With a low cost of ownership, a typical Transform Content Center installation involves only a small amount of consulting and professional services times. In fact, installation is so simple that many users will install and configure with little or no assistance. 


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