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The challenge

Today's dynamic financial environments are the result of corporate mergers, acquisitions and complex global trade relationships. These complexities make it difficult to automate and scale the critical financial activities required to meet the needs of growing organizations. As a result, financial professionals face a myriad of challenges, not the least of which is the ability to automate the domestic and international payment and cash reporting processes needed to ensure working capital optimization. 

Businesses need a technology solution that can help them automate and transform their financial operations quickly without significant redesign of their existing processes. To that end, they need a solution that can offer a wide range of international payment capabilities, facilitate the move from check to ACH payments and provide a complete range of check production and lifecycle management. In addition, the solution must help drive down the "people costs" and inefficiencies associated with the manual consolidation of cash reporting data critical to liquidity management. 

The solution and benefits

Discover how your business can pay smarter

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Consolidates and automates domestic and international payments

BT personnel 147

Deliver better visibility to real-time, global cash positions

BT process & representation 118

Optimizes straight-through processing for lowest cost transactions

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Minimize resources needed to deploy new products and services

WebSeries is a scalable financial process automation platform optimized for organization that rely on the secure and timely execution of payments as a critical component of their business.

A fully browser-based solution, WebSeries enables organizations to centralize payments and cash reporting while increasing efficiency, visibility and control of their cash. With the most comprehensive payments and reconciliation capabilities in the market, WebSeries manages all enterprise payment needs by supporting a broad range of payment types, each with associated transaction reporting.

Modular in design for the greatest possible flexibility, WebSeries offers ACH, wires, international payments (both real-time gross settlement and international ACH), as well as check production and lifecycle management. It also includes consolidated, multi-bank messaging and reporting capabilities. 

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Bottomline WebSeries

Built with features to help your business succeed

  • Streamlined, personalized and easy-to-use user experience
  • Proactive management of multiple bank relationships and complex workflows
  • Standard portfolio of transaction types for domestic and international payments

  • Bulk payment functionality tied to specific business needs
  • Extensive and flexible payment scheduler
  • Centralized control of print requests and issuance files for checks and official documents printed centrally and at remote sites

  • Easy integration into a variety of host environments using WebSeries' standard system adapters
  • Automatic alerts triggered by specific business conditions
  • Extensive reporting for all user and payment types

A modular, browser-based platform made to deliver maximum flexibility

WebSeries is comprised of a series of modules, each of which is an individual application that can be implemented separately to suit an organization's unique business and technology objectives. 

Intuitive user interface

Bottomline's open platform architecture, business rules and client processes facilitate the transition from existing payments systems with minimal technical resources required. Customers can easily transition to WebSeries' enhanced payment and cash management functionality through an intuitive menu of standard and customized interfaces, screens and reports.


Designed to address the needs of enterprises requiring thousands of critical electronic payments daily, WebSeries ACH sets the standard for industry functionality. 


WebSeries Wires is a flexible, full-featured application for making, managing and monitoring urgent, high-value payments, including Fedwire, drawdowns, book transfers, international wires and federal tax payments. 

International payments

WebSeries International Payments supports a diverse array of complex global payment types. Designed to facilitate the management of cross-border payments, the international payments module supports functionality for wires, multi-currency and multi-bank payments and drafts.

Check production and lifecycle management

WebSeries Check Production and Lifecycle Management provides centralized control of print requests and issuance files for checks and official documents printed both centrally and at remote sites. Security set-up and workflow is centrally managed by a single server, improving control over the distributed printing of both high and low volume AP and T&E checks, official checks, drafts, money orders, loan and claims disbursements and other documents. 

Information reporting

WebSeries Information Reporting module provides real-time global visibility to account balances, as well as the accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions that affect cash flow.

It provides users with an unprecedented level of visibility and reporting on all disbursement and reconciliation activity while supporting complex organizational information ownership and account access entitlements by both system administrators and end-users. 

Risk management

WebSeries, Risk Management module mitigates risk through a combination of multi-level entitlement capabilities, detailed audit logs sanctions filtering names variation modeling, user behaviour monitoring and insider fraud prevention. 


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