Does your organization have what it takes to cash in on a digital sales strategy that produces results?

Here are 3 key areas to focus on if you want to win:

Take time to prepare

You can’t just throw an untrained horse onto a track and expect success.

They need to be properly prepared to perform their best, everything from high-quality feed to a daily training regimen. The same holds true with digital sales. To win customers you have to invest time in filling your digital sales funnel with quality prospects. Doing so requires forethought and discipline conducting targeted marketing campaigns, optimizing your website and making good use of digital technology. It’s upfront work that will be well worth it in the long-run.

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Remove friction

Whether it’s a jockey who tipped the scales a little on the heavy side or poor track conditions, anything that slows a horse down is Public Enemy #1 when it comes to winning a race.

Financial institutions also need to watch out for issues that prevent customers from crossing the finish line during account opening. Unnecessary data entry and an unsophisticated identity verification process can cause significant barriers to success. Eliminating them will provide a big lift in improving digital sales.

Creating an amazing experience

Half the fun of watching a great horse race is the experience.

The air of affluent gentility that permeates the event is truly a sight to behold, mostly because it isn’t replicated in any other sporting event.

While it wouldn’t make sense for bank staff to start wearing audacious hats, it does pay to keep in mind that providing customers with a fast-but-memorable digital experience will make them want to continue doing business with you.

Remember – they started a digital application for a reason. They either don’t want to or can’t go to a branch, so help them solve that problem and you stand a good shot at winning a long-term customer.

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Are you ready to lead your horse to victory?


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