You see them lurking. They're peering in your digital windows, popping up in your inbox and casing your payments. 

“You can be too old for a lot of things, but you’re never too old to be afraid.”

Business Email Compromise is the most common type of fraud in the world, accounting for a third of all losses. Fraudsters pose as someone you trust—an AP clerk at your company, let’s say—and try to gain access to your suppliers’ accounts to intercept payments. Even worse, they might try to get into your accounts and drain them. Considering successful fraud attempts also rose by a third in the last year, things are grim unless you’ve got the right security.

70% of businesses say they’re concerned about payment fraud...but 100% should be.

Unfortunately, most companies are trusting the locks on their front doors and not even locking the windows–when it comes to keeping fraudsters out of the house.

If you think MFA stands for Master’s of Fine Arts, we have a problem. Far too many businesses are counting on overworked employees and spam filters to save them from bad actors.

49% of businesses do not use any payment monitoring technology.

Source: Strategic Treasurer

Of businesses that prioritized fraud in 2022, only 28% added MFA protection.

Source: Strategic Treasurer

If you’re not afraid of fraud, perhaps you should be. The financial and reputational costs of even one intercepted payment have ruined the holidays for hundreds of companies.

Close to 30% of businesses say the threat of fraud has "escalated considerably" in the past year

Fortunately for you, there’s a multi-layered fraud prevention solution that will knock the BEC Bandits on their butts. Here’s how Paymode-X keeps your payments safe.

Your Payments Are Never Alone with Paymode-X

You see them lurking. They’re peering in your digital windows, popping up in your inbox and casing your payments. They want to see if your payments are being left alone, with nary a fraud prevention measure in sight, so they can intercept them. They’re getting craftier, too.


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