Insider Fraud

Detect, stop, and track suspicious activity of insiders (e.g. employees, contractors, call centers, etc.) in real-time using pre-configured business rules, and/or using your own customized rules.

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The Challenge

Insider fraud represents a growing cause of concerns to organizations. An estimated $3.7 trillion was lost to insider fraud in 2014. In spite of significant investment in security, organizations lack the ability to proactively monitor employee and user behavior in sensitive systems in real time, nor can they flag and stop suspicious or unauthorized actions.

Our Solution

Bottomline's insider fraud solution leverages proven and specialized pre-configured rules to compare user behavior with historical actions to alert security teams to unauthorized or suspicious insider and employee behavior, preventing crime, data theft, and identity theft. The solution creates accountability by capturing user behavior across a multitude of platforms in heterogeneous environments, eliminating information and activity silos to create enterprise wide and centralized visibility. In addition, once employees are aware they are being monitored, unauthorized activity drops.

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Bottomline Insider Fraud

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  • Significantly reduce the risk of malicious insider activity and negative impact on your reputation.
  • Maintain complete visibility into user activity across all platforms without relying on log file and without changing the monitored applications code.
  • Create total employee accountability, while preventing data leakage, identity theft, and fraud.
  • Deter fraudulent employee activity and data theft by knowing that all employee actions are being monitored.
  • Take full control of the system and respond quickly to new threats with no need to involve the vendor and minimal involvement of IT.
3.t trillion - projected 2014 global insider fraud loss
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Statistical and analytic tools for suspicious activity analysis


  • Complete library of pre-packaged rules, alerts, and reports aimed at preventing insider fraud including periodic updates of fraud schemes and business rules.
  • Online automatic recording of employee activity and cross-platform business flow with visual replay of user screens and keystrokes.
  • Complete audit trail of employee activity including a powerful search and reporting mechanism.
  • Statistical and analytic tools for suspicious activity analysis (profiling, peer group, and link analysis).
  • Real-time alerts that allow immediate action before data or money is lost.

All Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management solutions incorporate Intellinx technology and use a common platform to capture, normalize, analyze, and act. With this platform all data is captured, normalized, encrypted, and signed—making it easy to analyze suspicious behavior over time and across applications, analyze and prevent new types of fraud, ensure compliance, and provide legally admissible forensic evidence. A common user interface for all types of fraud and compliance analysis maximizes productivity of network operators and fraud investigators. Learn more about the Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management platform.

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Customer Testimonials

"An international long-term savings and investment group with over 12 million customers and approximately 15,000 local employees (55,000 worldwide) deployed BT CFRM to monitor employee activity in corporate systems and to detect insider fraud. Five months into the implementation project, the system alerted on suspicious activity of several employees, which led to an investigation that revealed collusion between several insiders and a crime ring intent on stealing company’s funds, preventing an estimated two million dollar loss."
International long-term savings and investment group