Cyber fraud and risk management for banks

Prevent payment fraud across customer banking channels, internal systems, and global payments infrastructure. Monitor both network-security and user behavior in real-time to automatically stop fraudulent activity before a loss occurs. Efficiently investigate and manage caseloads to meet financial institution and regulatory requirements.

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The Challenge

In spite of massive investment in cyber-fraud prevention and data security technologies, the frequency and sophistication of payment fraud threats are growing. Financial institutions of all sizes face increasingly complex, dangerous, and costly risks. Criminals, hackers, and malicious insiders take advantage of legacy technologies and abundant silos of information to perpetrate crime. Financial institutions often lack real-time visibility into suspicious behavior.

Our Solution

Bottomline offers a broad set of compliance and fraud prevention tools. Whether protecting a digital banking channel, monitoring teller activity, or securing your connectivity to SWIFT, each of these solutions can detect and prevent fraud in real-time. Together, these solutions create a system of record across your most critical applications, providing a unified, enterprise-wide view of the data across platforms, channels, and geographies.

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Research Report

Aite Research - Case Management Vendor Evaluation: Key to Enterprise Success


SWIFT Compliance & Payment Fraud Protection


Web Payment Fraud Overview

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  • Protect market share and brand strength by keeping customers safe.
  • Monitor user behavior across multiple applications across multiple geographies without changing a single line of code.
  • Block fraudulent activity in real-time.
  • Eliminate silos of information that can be exploited by criminals.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance by automating case management across the enterprise.
  • Conduct and complete investigations efficiently with pre-configured case management tools.
Protect market share
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Monitor behavior


  • Monitor user behavior across systems to deter fraud, data leakage, and theft.
  • Centralize fraud management with a single system of record to eliminate silos of information that can be exploited by criminals.
  • Utilize case management tools to centralize investigations and submit suspicious activity reports (SARs) across the enterprise.
  • Decrease the cost and risk of audits and case management with preconfigured user workflows and dashboards.

All Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management solutions use a common platform to capture, normalize, analyze, and act. With this platform, all data is captured, normalized, encrypted, and signed, making it easy to analyze suspicious behavior over time and across applications, analyze and prevent new types of fraud, ensure compliance, and provide legally admissible forensic evidence. A common user interface for all types of fraud and compliance analysis maximizes productivity of network operators and fraud investigators. Learn more about the Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management platform.

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Customer Testimonials

"Intellinx allowed Bank Leumi to comply with regulations requiring a full audit trail after a very short implementation process, saving us many programmer-months that would otherwise have been invested in altering our systems. "
Sasson Mordechay, Senior VP & Head of Operations Division, Bank Leumi