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Global cash management

Get real-time global visibility to account balances, as well as the accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions that affect cash flow.

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The Challenge

In today's current global and economic environment, organizations struggle to have a consolidated view of real-time cash reporting data from locations all over the world. Merging systems and standardizing procedures across time zones is often costly and time consuming. As a global enterprise, you need a centralized platform with worldwide visibility to support your efforts.

Our Solution

Now you can have a scalable financial process automation platform optimized for organizations like yours that rely on accurate, real-time visibility into their cash positions around the world. Our global cash management solution allows organizations to easily centralize payments and cash reporting to increase efficiency, visibility, and control of their cash. Its modular design and extensive array of dashboards and reports allows you to choose the functionality you need to customize a solution that works for your organization.

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Our powerful, global cash management solution helps global enterprises:

  • Easily manage all bank relationships from one centralized dashboard
  • Establish and maintain consolidated control of cash operations from locations all over the world
  • Accurately report balances and transactions
  • Gain visibility across numerous accounts and data sources
  • Optimize working capital
  • Standardize operating procedures for consistent and accurate global cash management
Global visibility
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Key functionality includes:

  • Proactive management of multiple bank relationships and complex banking processes
  • Highly customizable dashboards that provide views of corporate data consolidated at any level (such as line of business, geography, or currency)
  • An embedded Business Objects Crystal Reports engine and a powerful Excel add-on
  • Point-and-click functionality
  • Multi-level drill-down capabilities for more efficient navigation through large quantities of information
  • Support for complex organizational information ownership and account access entitlements by system administrators and end users
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Customer Testimonials

"PMA Treasury realized that, with our complex cash landscape and infrastructure, improving service levels to our internal and external customers meant implementing a solution that would reduce payment inefficiencies by lowering costs and providing better visibility and control. WebSeries has improved the customer experience of our claims service, enhanced our internal customer services, and reduced our volume of Vendor payments by 48 percent."
Vito Nigro, Former Vice President, Chief Risk Officer and Treasurer, PMA

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