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US payments and cash management

Centralize and automate your US ACH, wire, and check payments and establish and maintain complete control of cash operations from any location.

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The Challenge

Managing domestic payments efficiently and affordably and getting real-time visibility to cash positions has become more difficult due to increasing merger and acquisition activity, multiple payment types, locations, and processes, and disparate legacy systems that do not support new requirements.

Our Solution

Proven for hundreds of organizations, Bottomline's payment hubs are solving these problems by acting as a single payments and cash management gateway. With modular architecture, extensive payment capabilities, and sophisticated reporting tools, our payment hubs help organizations centralize and automate payments, increase efficiency, and improve visibility to maximize control of cash.

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3 New Solutions to 3 Old Payment Problems

White Paper

2018 Guide: Is Your Treasury Technology Aligned with Your Needs?

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  • Consolidate and automate all payment types
  • Optimize straight-through processing for lowest cost transactions
  • Manage all bank relationships from one centralized dashboard
  • Establish and maintain consolidated control of cash operations from any location
  • Accurately report balances and transactions
  • Drive increased productivity and efficiency
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  • Streamlined, personalized, and easy-to-use user experience
  • Standard portfolio of transaction types
  • Extensive and flexible payment scheduler
  • Support for all common origination methods
  • Bulk payment functionality tied to specific business needs
  • Centralized control of print requests and issuance files for checks and official documents printed centrally and at remote sites
  • Proactive management of multiple bank relationships and complex workflows
  • Extensive reporting for all user and payment types
  • Flexible and sophisticated entitlements engine for complex workflows
  • Automatic alerts triggered by specific business conditions
  • Easy integration into a variety of host environments
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Customer Testimonials

"Initially, we had to convince and sell other business units on the value of a payments hub. Once we were able to onboard a few key disbursement interfaces, our internal business partners saw the value of the payments hub. Other departments wanted to utilize the solution and included Treasury as a strategic business partner in the design and implementation of their payments related projects. These projects funded additional features and functionalities, including global payment capabilities that were leveraged across all payments hub clients. The payments hub is now recognized as a company standard for new disbursement implementations. While we still continue to make the business case for any new internal interface work, we no longer have to beg. "
Ian Frith, Treasury Executive, Major Insurance Company

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