• Due to the tight timelines associated with implementing their new core banking system, DGB Bank were looking to outsource their SWIFT connectivity with minimal disruption to the business
  • Becoming a SWIFT member was complex, and required Bottomline support to overcome issues obstructing enrolment


  • The Universal Aggregator IQ provides a single access point to multiple global payment networks and infrastructures, including SWIFT
  • Secure Payments delivers protection against payment fraud


SWIFT connectivity, whilst mitigating fraud risk and increasing security

Improved efficiency enabling more time to be dedicated to the new core banking system and business operations

Seamless onboarding experience

"DGB Bank PLC (DGB) is implementing a new core banking system. Due to the tight timelines, as well as previous difficulties in becoming a SWIFT member, we chose to outsource to Bottomline. The experience of onboarding to Bottomline’s hosted Universal Aggregator solution was straightforward, quick and seamless with the great assistance of the Bottomline project team to help with queries and the end-to-end process. The solution, alongside Bottomline’s Secure Payments, allows us to focus on the bank’s core business operations, whilst minimizing the risk of payment fraud.”

- Choi Byoungjin, Chief Information Officer


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