How Bottomline's Secure Payments can help you

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Rapid activation

Industry-standard integration into payment systems  

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Managed risk exposure

Configurable out-of-the-box libraries with proven best-practice fraud risk indicators

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Faster investigations

Speed investigations through visual link analysis and Record and Replay 

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Real-time interdiction

Payments can be instantly blocked to prevent fraud loss

Reduce risk and prevent payment fraud

Monitor all types of payments​

Secure Payments monitors trillions of transactions worldwide. View any outgoing payment via Card, Check, ACH, Wire, SWIFT, FileAct, SEPA, SIC4, ACH, Fedwire, Check, ISO200022 and ISO8583. ​

Prioritize alert investigations based on risk levels​

Assess alerts and act on the ones that concern you the most. Bottomline organizes alerts based on an intelligent machine-learning engine and adapts them based on how you’ve resolved them in the past. So, you’re focusing on where your organization is at risk.

Real-time interdiction with rich visualizations and forensic tools​

Bottomline automatically puts transactions on hold, allowing suspicious events and high-risk payments to be examined in the Alert Investigation Center. Connect the dots easily between users, accounts, transactions, and a plethora of data to get a fuller understanding of the risks. Once the investigation is complete and funds are verified, analysts can release funds or block them if determined fraudulent.

See screen-by-screen playbacks in payment systems

No dependency on data availability and quality in log files. With Record and Replay, security teams can review end-user activity and examine the evidence to understand the sequence of events

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Reduce false positives by 30% with Secure Payments from Bottomline

Better Fraud Detection, While Increasing Operational Efficiencies ​

Fraudsters evolve as fast, if not faster than, payment rails and processes. In this dynamic landscape, every organization needs to assess whether they have the right tools in place to keep pace with emerging fraud threats.

Bottomline's BTune

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