Stay competitive among a changing threat landscape using
Bottomline's Internal Threat Management Solution

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Real-time analytics

Capture user behavior in real-time
across systems

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Behavioral monitoring

Identify high-risk activity and discover bad actors

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Machine learning

Find anomalies and reduce false positive alerts

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Multi-app monitoring

Data from all channels for analysis, reporting and alerts

Get real-time monitoring for legacy systems, SaaS, and web-based applications

Non-invasive and agent-less

No agent is put on employee devices. Data is pulled directly from the network into our application. So, whether your organization is remote, hybrid, or bring-your-own-device, you'll have the flexibility to monitor employee actions no matter how your organization is structured. ​​

Spot anomalies fast

Speed up investigations by identifying unusual behavior or risks using data enriched by machine learning, analytics and years of experience protecting some of the largest corporations and financial institutions in the world.

Evidence over suspicion

Whether an internal threat is malicious or intentional, the details matter! Visually map connections between unusual activities and users, expediting the detection of insider activity, including external fraud initiated from within.

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Solutions designed with an industry
agnostic approach

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Financial institutions

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Proactively monitor threats using intuitive dashboards and screens
to ensure timely alerts

Leverage a visual replay to take the guesswork out of investigations

Use Bottomline’s Record and Replay functionality to reconstruct user sessions screen-by-screen, allowing your fraud investigators, security officers and internal auditors to view precisely what happened.

  • Ensure recordings are encrypted and secured for future use, including as evidence in court proceedings

  • Run each series of actions through Bottomline’s advanced analytics engine or send them to data lakes or third-party analytics

  • Tailor analytics to identify unauthorized changes to client data, employee policy violations (snooping), and more

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video time: 02:15 video title: Bottomline Insider Fraud

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Bottomline offers insider risk management across diverse infrastructures, encompassing on-premises data centers, SaaS applications, private/public clouds, and hybrid setups. The company's insider risk solution provides real-time user-activity monitoring, profiling, anomaly detection, alerts, and case management. The solution also integrates the recorded screen data into an analytics engine for advanced threat detection. This strategic blend of monitoring, behavior analysis, and analytics underscores Bottomline’s ability to combat insider threats effectively. AIYAZ AHMED SHAIK | Analyst | QUADRANT KNOWLEDGE SOLUTIONS
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