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As the work environment evolves and your employees require remote access to your business-critical systems, protecting your organization from internal and external risks is more challenging than ever.  Additionally, with the shift to the cloud, the number of threat surfaces are increasing and Financial Institutions are securing online digital channels, increasing the risk of Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Account Take Over (ATO) attacks.

Bottomline’s Record and Replay solution helps you fight fraud, guard against data breaches and protect your business from sophisticated threats. It allows you to record the activity of internal and remote users in business-critical applications and it safeguards privacy by monitoring and protecting who can access the data. Record and Replay uses visual replay to facilitate thorough and effective fraud investigations in real-time.

It also offers an untapped data source for actionable insight beyond fraud – some of our customers use Record and Replay to enable help desk agents to assist customers with troubleshooting and ensure exceptional user experiences while another uses it to monitor whether credit checks are authorized in a dealer environment.

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Benefits and features

RnR benefits

See the “complete picture” of user behavior and transaction activity including those not monitored by audit logs

Speed up investigations with enriched data that bring additional insights through intelligent data ingestion capabilities

Protect user privacy and go beyond audit trails to comply with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA

Get real-time insights with cross-platform, multi-payment type monitoring with “google like” search

Stop suspicious transactions before they leave your environment

Monitor a wide variety of business-critical applications, including public cloud.

View a full picture of user activity within the monitored applications and go beyond a typical audit log.

Ensure recordings are encrypted and secured for future use – including potential evidence in court proceedings.

Receive insights from monitored systems and run each series of actions through Bottomline’s advanced analytics engine to identify suspicious activity

Tailor analytics to identify unauthorized changes to client data, employee policy violations (snooping), and more.

Visually map connections between suspect activities and users according to a range of variables link analysis diagrams that link together connected events

Ability to capture only relevant data, mask sensitive data and encrypt and digitally sign it with only approved employees accessing data

Legal Spend Management

Record and Replay can be used standalone or in combination with our Insider Threat Management, Secure Payments or Enterprise Case Management solutions as part of a powerful fraud analytics toolkit. 

Delaware Justice System Customer Success Story

“The logging system performed fantastically better than expected. Turnaround time with the system was fabulous. Breach investigation time decreased by more than 90%.” 

- P. Bell, Executive Director, Delaware Criminal Justice Information System, the State of Delaware

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