Customer Overview:

Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS). Delaware was the first US state to implement an integrated Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) that supports electronic sharing of information within the criminal justice community. While the DELJIS has been in existence since 1990, it is constantly changing to meet the needs of system participants, including State and local police, the Attorney General’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, the Courts, and the Department of Corrections.

The Challenge:

The Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS) agency facilitates the electronic sharing of information among all participating agencies, including case information from initial contact to case-closing events (i.e. arrest data, motor vehicle and license data, crime incident data). Over 7,000 authorized users are able to determine the status of a case instantly, which enhances the ability to process criminal cases efficiently. Law enforcement’s instant access to criminal history, warrant, and protection order information has been a critical component of the department’s success. Public safety has been greatly enhanced by the efficient exchange of such background information.

The system is based on a central mainframe platform which provides several types of user interfaces. These interfaces include secured web access for law enforcement officers, enabling them access to the system from their patrol cars. Access to Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) is protected by standard security tools which grant access only to authorized end-users. However, these tools do not monitor how end-users utilize their authorized access and cannot detect or prevent misuse by the authorized end-users.

Various types of authorized end-users may pose potential threats to the system, for example:

A disgruntled employee with easy access to confidential data

An employee looking to harm someone by disclosing information

An employee seeking financial gain by selling sensitive information

The information maintained by CJIS is highly sensitive, and there are many cases that require the ability to reconstruct user actions in order to find what specific data was accessed by a specific user. In addition, it is necessary to know, beyond a “reasonable doubt,” that no one else would have accessed the same information within the timeframe in question.

If an incident needed investigation, the investigation team had to plow through mountains of paper logs. Depending on the type of search requested, one second of case activity could be represented by one box full of paper. The investigation process had significant shortcomings. It was manual and labor intensive, left room for error and had a long turnaround time.

As a result, requests for investigating activity logs were honored only for major crimes, and not for other suspicious cases.

Searching for a new solution:

The Secretary of the Department of Technology and Information and CIO for theState of Delaware recognized the critical situation DELJIS was facing and searched for a solution. The desired solution needed to meet the following goals:

Reduce the overall time associated with investigations

Have real time answers to questions of: Who? What? When?

Ensure public and police safety by reducing the number of threats

Assist Law Enforcement with criminal investigations of homicides and burglaries

Set alerts to see if anyone accesses sensitive, case-related information

DELJIS turned to Bottomline and its Fraud and Financial Crime Record and Replay solution. The innovative solution was installed for evaluation. Within a few hours the system was up and running and started to record the activity of all end-users connected to the mainframe. The system reconstructs end-user sessions and allows investigators to quickly search for user sessions based on any field value that appeared in any user screen. Investigators can now visually replay user sessions, screen by screen. The evaluation installation was very successful and allowed DELJIS to meet its goals.

The patented technology tracks user behavior patterns at the application screen level and can build profiles of users and user-groups. The analytic engine generates alerts on suspicious events in real-time. An event may be considered suspicious if the current activity of an end-user is different from their normal behavior in the past, or if their behavior is different from their peers in the same department, or from peers with similar roles.

“The logging system performed fantastically better than expected. Turnaround time with the system was fabulous. Breach investigation time decreased by more than 90%.” – Executive Director Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS), the State of Delaware

Key features:

BT security fraud & risk 158

Provides full visibility into user actions, deterring abuse

BT documentation & messaging 44

Supports compliance of Delaware laws relating to access and dissemination of records

BT process & representation 139

Real-time alerts detect security breaches immediately, increasing officer safety

BT security fraud & risk 161

Recorded data is encrypted and digitally signed, meeting forensic evidence requirements

The results:

Bottomline’s Record and Replay solution dramatically reduced the duration of internal investigations. For example, investigating 6 months of data now takes 20 minutes using the new solution, whereas it used to take 2½ months. And, it enables DELJIS to investigate every request from law enforcement agencies, not only major crimes.

In one example, an agency requested to check if any users accessed certain specific warrant information. A quick investigation using the Bottomline Record and Replay solution revealed that a specific user accessed information on this warrant and disseminated it to an unauthorized person. This case resulted in one user arrest, one user terminated, and one user administratively reprimanded in addition to losing access to the system.

“The logging system performed fantastically better than expected. Turnaround time with the system was fabulous. Breach investigation time decreased by more than 90%.”

– Executive Director Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS), the State of Delaware

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