Streamline end-to-end investigations with Bottomline's Enterprise Case Management

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Stronger intelligence

Enhanced collaboration between stakeholders by connecting all systems and data

BT personnel 141

Visualize relationships

Visibility and transparency to analyze relationships between entities under investigation

BT data representation 33

Record and replay capability

View screen of actual user behavior triggered by an alert

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One system. One view.

Consolidate alerts from disparate sources into a single case centered around a suspect

Combat financial crime more efficiently and effectively with powerful enterprise case management tools

Increase productivity with smarter workflows across teams​

Help investigators see their to-dos with dashboards that display cases awaiting approval, open cases by severity, upcoming and overdue reminders and more. ​Pre-configure workflows to match organizational requirements, establish priorities, assign caseloads and help users meet deadlines. Bottomline's ECM enables collaboration and eliminates investigative rework with information from various systems centralized in one place.

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​Investigate alerts with all relevant case information

Easily convert alerts from Internal Threat ManagementSecure Payments, or other existing 3rd party systems into cases, pulling in all associated information automatically. Or open new cases from scratch. Users can work through every incident quickly within a single interface with tools like visual link analysis (VLA) that shows the relationships between alerts, cases, accounts, customers, and all other entities in one view.

Case management essential for risk management

Relieve the burdens of maintaining compliance by eliminating manual processes and checking the box on mandatory workflow steps and reporting requirements. Bottomline's ECM consolidates siloed alerting engines (e.g., disputes and complaints management) and automates SAR filing and STR validation workflows. With Record & Replay, capture vast user activity with robust audit trails within the platform. Also, get real-time screen-by-screen user activity across all business applications, including Bottomline's ECM, which can gather evidence admissible in courts of law around the globe.

Start protecting your organization today with no-code configuration

Enterprise Case Management Vendor Comparison Matrix

Finding the enterprise case manager for your organization’s needs and wants is not only an exercise to see what fits best today, but also what fits best for tomorrow’s growth!

Enterprise Case Management Vendor Comparison Matrix

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