Banking, payments and all that’s designed to protect them, are constantly evolving. 

Change is evident. It drives invention and innovation.  Most recently, financial institutions and businesses everywhere found themselves quickly adapting to the necessity of contactless payments, processes and transactions to maintain business continuity.

This collection of insights looks at what we’ve learned and where we’re going.

Let this collection of thought leadership discussions inspire you as you navigate your own journey on the promising horizon of banking and payments.

Conversation topics include:

Digital transformation

Cross-border payments

Insider fraud

Banking relationship management

Real-time payments

Business continuity


Meet the experts

Alan Koenigsberg

Alan Koenigsberg, Global Head of Payments Flows, Visa

Alan Koenigsberg explores the cross-border payments space. Expected to grow into a $10 trillion opportunity, businesses are turning to fintechs for assistance in managing these complex payments.

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Carl Slabicki

Carl Slabicki, Executive Manager, Strategic Payment Solutions, BNY Mellon

Carl Slabicki takes a look at recent innovations in payments and how forces like consumer expectations of faster payments will continue to play a bigger role in the competitive banking and payments spaces.

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Christina Segal-Knowles

Christina Segal-Knowles, Executive Director, Financial Market Infrastructure, Bank of England

Christina Segal-Knowles tackles the topic of how regulators are playing close attention to the growth in digital payments and their overall impact on the payments chain.

Outlook Book Headshot Christina 1260x706

Brad Garfield

Brad Garfield, Head of Commercial Card, Bank of America

Brad Garfield discusses how the benefits of payables automation have been embraced by practitioners for years, but the mass migration to contactless payments has caught the attention of executives.

Outlook Book Headshot Brad 1260x706

Neil McHugh

Neil McHugh, SVP, Head of Commercial Operating Products, TD Bank

The TD Bank 2020 Treasury Perspectives survey indicated that only 15% of organisations were adequately prepared for long-term business disruption. Neil McHugh examines the necessity of having a well-rounded business continuity plan.

Outlook Book Headshot Neil 1260x706

Amber Burridge

Amber Burridge, Head of Fraud Intelligence, CIFAS

Amber Burridge raises the alarm on the rapidly growing threat of insider fraud and the perception among fraudsters and employees that working from home means no one is watching.

Outlook Book Headshot Amber 1260x706

Leo Lipis

Leo Lipis, CEO, Lipis Advisors

While many businesses increased adoption of touchless electronic payments, Leo Lipis delves into why ACH is still preferred over real time payment systems.

Outlook Book Headshot Leo 1260x706

Marc Salinas

Marc Salinas, VP of Solutions Consulting, Bottomline / Banking Relationship Management

Marc Salinas makes the case for enhancing banking relationships by using existing customer data using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

Outlook Book Headshot Marc 1260x706

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