Why is Bottomline trusted by over 250 global claims organisations?

BT currency & payments 103

Return on investment

Bottomline legal spend management clients realise a savings ROI of up to 7:1

BT personnel 143

UK based staff

Team of UK based lawyer auditors
and customer success staff

BT personnel 146

Years of expertise

Over 150 lawyer auditors with 5 or more years of insurance defence

BT process & representation 126

Technology plus service

Unique combination of e-billing technology and legal expertise services

Why Legal Bill Review for General Insurers?

84% of invoices have at least one non-compliant line item, with 38% having 6 or more deductions.

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Legal bill review for general insurers maximises productivity – freeing a 10% average of your claims adjuster's time

If your claims organisation lacks the time or is strapped for resources, our legal bill review services can help you keep up and reduce costs. Bottomline's bill review staff apply their expertise to your guidelines and claim handling philosophies to help you achieve your spend management goals and ensure that you only pay what you owe.

How Expert Bill Review services help you

BT currency & payments 99

Significantly improve your company's bottom line

BT data representation 20

Maximise productivity

BT legal 107

Enhance supplier relationships

Each Expert Bill Review solution is tailored to your unique management strategy

Bottomline's expert legal bill review services are backed by more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Unlike other suppliers who only offer technology, we provide you with an entire team of lawyers, auditors and bill review specialists. They’re experts who are the best in their fields, who understand your challenges and can help you create a legal spend management program.

That’s why Bottomline is selected three times more often than any other legal spend management supplier!

With Bottomline:

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Your bills will be reviewed by experienced UK-based Lawyer Auditors.

We'll make sure your billing guidelines are adhered to consistently and fairly - maintaining your existing supplier relationships.

You get unparalleled insight into your business data, with Bottomline’s exclusive Business Intelligence Reporting.


Expert Bill Review Program

It’s simple. Law firms submit invoices electronically, then Bottomline’s team of UK lawyers audit them for compliance with existing litigation guidelines as well as any other reasonable and customary standards.

Savings can range from 5%-10%, depending on an Organisation’s goals and objectives. Each EBR solution is specifically tailored to complement our clients’ management strategy while supporting established supplier relationships.

All you’ll need is a list of law firms and contacts and any litigation guidelines or agreements in place. If you don’t have litigation billing guidelines in place, we can help with our industry expertise and deep domain knowledge or agreements in place.

Will It Be a Problem for Our Law Firms if We Take

More than 13,000 firms already submit invoices through Bottomline’s legal spend

management systems, so there is a high probability the majority of your firms are

already submitting invoices for other Bottomline clients. If they aren’t, it’s easy

for them to get started submitting electronically—and the benefits to them are

numerous, including faster invoice payment.

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