Bottomline is delighted to sponsor EBAday again this year and we look forward to helping you accelerate your digital payments modernisation strategy whether that be for Real-Time Domestic & Cross-Border Payments, transitioning to ISO Native, improving your operational efficiency via a single hybrid SaaS platform or best practice fraud and liquidity management.

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Connect, Comply, Compete

Bottomline delivers a single SaaS platform for payments, securities and messaging that helps financial institutions and corporates to achieve lower costs, wider reach, speed-to-market, industry compliance, greater security and improved treasury and risk management.

The Bottomline

There’s a difference between driving innovation and feeling forced to do it. And there’s also a difference between improving the customer experience and being mandated to do it. It will be the FIs that harness innovation and strategic partnerships that will compete to win in 2022.

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The value of digital payment platforms speaking session

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Day 1 - 31 May - 13:30 - 14:15

Digital platforms can bridge customers and financial institutions and offer opportunities for both. How should PSPs deal with new forms of financial, operational, and reputational interdependencies?


Charles de Rougé, Head of SaaS Solutions Financial Messaging, Bottomline Technologies

Silvia Mazánová, Head of Product Management, Valantic

Claus Pahlke, Structuring Non-Bank Financial Institutions, Cash Management, Corporate Bank, Deutsche Bank

Stefan Schutt, Partner - Banking & Capital Markets, BearingPoint

Gerhard Bystricky, Head of Product Development Payments Germany, UniCredit 

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Instant/Faster/Real-Time Payments

The alternative, quicker, and easier way to access SEPA SCT, SEPA SDD, SEPA Inst, NPA, New Payment Architecture, TIPS, EBA Step 2, ESMIG, TCH, FedNow, LYNX and meet customer demand

The pace of change in payments globally has never been so dramatic and exciting. Europe, Switzerland and the UK are no exceptions, especially when it comes to instant payments. Just six months ago the regulation and interoperability of instant payments was inconsistent at best. Today, with the promise of the new targeted legislative initiative from the EU Commission to accelerate the roll-out of instant payments in Europe happening in the second half of 2022, instant payments are set to be table-stakes.


Instant Payments

Delivering access for both Message and Payments Services, and Connectivity via SWIFTNet Inst for RT1 & TIPS and SIC 5 Instant. Centred around our Universal Aggregator IQ single SaaS platform solution that leverages multiple gateways, Bottomline’s Instant Payments services can be wrapped around any Instant Payments scheme to deliver speed-to-market, adherence to all scheme compliance and full access to orchestration & payments services.

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ISO 20022

ISO 20022/ CBPR+ and the Transformation and Enrichment Service for SWIFT & Market Infrastructures - Reduce total cost of ownership and time to market by providing flexible and secure integration with back office environments, mutualization of services and compliance with all technical and regulatory requirements, such as ISO 20022 migration via an 'On Prem', Hosted or SaaS-based solutions

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A definitive guide to CBPR+ specifications and how ISO 20022 will be used for crossborder payments and cash reporting on the SWIFT network.

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ISO 20022 has already been adopted in 70 countries to replace domestic or legacy formats - so migration is a necessary reality. 

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iso 20022

Fraud and Financial Crime Management

With our payment expertise and specialised technology, we can help you identify the hidden threat of internal and external payment fraud - protecting your organisation before it’s too late, whilst maintaining regulatory & compliance mandates.

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SWIFT Connectivity

Banks & FIs can explore multiple options for connectivity to SWIFT that meets their strategic goals and exceeds customer expectations by leveraging Bottomline’s direct API access to update & interrogate the SWIFT Payment Tracker

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SWIFT gpi ebaday

SWIFT gpi for API

The Bottomline API Gateway exposes the SWIFT APIs for gpi in an easy to consume platform - The Bottomline API Gateway.

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Real-time payments: What’s Next after Connecting to ISO 20022?

This is one webinar in a series of two events hosted by Finextra Research and Bottomline Technologies on preparing for the ISO 20022 2022 deadline & maximising on the full functionality across your entire ecosystem from real-time domestic and cross border to fraud protection to cash positioning.

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Real time payments finextra webinar
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How Banks and Financial Institutions can Leverage Centralised SaaS Platforms & Hybrid Integration Models to Win Competitive Advantage

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SaaS Platforms

Bottomline delivers a single SaaS platform for payments, securities and messaging that helps financial institutions and corporates to achieve lower costs, wider reach, speed-to-market, greater security and improved risk management.

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Payments & Cash Aggregator

A digital payments ecosystem that offers aggregated payment services for connectivity, processing, monitoring & screening. A centralised payments platform for all your networks, clearing and counterparties. The Payments & Cash Aggregator provides connectivity, processing, real time monitoring, automated exception management, concurrent multiple workflows, limits and increased security and controls using MFA, and exception management. Simple automated audit and compliance reports that are easily integrated with multiple legacy systems and/or external providers.

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About Bottomline:

Universal Aggregator IQ (UA IQ) – A modern global SaaS platform to meet customer & market demands  

Payments & Cash Aggregator – Part of a digital payments ecosystem that offers aggregated payment services for connectivity, processing, monitoring & screening, both in near and real time over multiple rails that leverages hybrid integration models e.g. SWIFT Connectivity 

Financial Messaging & Connectivity Aggregator – Part of a messaging ecosystem that offers aggregated services for message processing, monitoring and interconnection of global networks & schemes and direct bank connectivity e.g. UKFPS, SEPA Inst, Sic 5 & SIC Instant Payments, SWIFT, VISA, BACs (Connectivity) & ISO 20022 & CBPR+ (Messaging) 

Securities Aggregator - A digital securities ecosystem that offers a real-time consolidated control of the settlement lifecycle e.g. SRDII, CSDR  

Fraud & Financial Crime Management – An integrated solution that provide end-to-end financial crime, protection & compliance maintenance to reduce risk e.g Sanction Screening, Secure Payments, SWIFT CSP, Confirmation of Payee 

Data, Insight & Analytics – Track, manage & control transactions via ML & AI to build predictions, insights & analysis from real time data e.g. Operational efficiency & business insight 

Key Benefits of Bottomline Financial Messaging Solutions

Access centralised visibility – Bottomline’s UA IQ allows banks Financial Institutions and Corporates to control and monitor the flow of financial information within their operating environment. Better, richer insight, improved security and assured compliance gives our customers complete confidence about the way their financial messaging data is processed across the globe.

Receive consolidated access to services - Financial Messaging provides aggregation for payments and cash, securities, messaging and connectivity. Scalable, flexible, robust and secure – a single unified interface with access to enhanced functional and straight through processing.

Develop opportunity – Equipped for the opportunities of near and real-time payments, open banking and the emerging, API-enabled ecosystem with extended access to global markets & services through multiple clearing, networks and gateways - in one intelligent platform.

Leverage additional insight – Improved visibility, fraud prevention & compliance tools that help support and protect customers, improve retention and streamline customer acquisition.

Protect and secure – Fraud & financial crime solutions ensure compliance & maintenance for regulatory, legal and mandatory requirements across the globe – an integrated solution of end-to-end Financial Crime Management products, to meet regulatory obligations and reduce risks.

Support growth instead of stagnancy - We allow banks and corporate customers to expand in a mature way instead of them simply compounding inefficiencies at a larger scale. Effective storage, tracking and control of messages and transactions to gain insight, mitigate risks and improve visibility

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