Improve and innovate

Through a single window into your Financial Messaging data, enable your teams to:

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Better serve customers and internal stakeholders

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Demonstrate operational excellence

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Contribute to your organisation’s analytics strategy

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Provide your clients and your organisation with augmented intelligence

Uncover and monitor the heartbeat of your business, with full clarity on your financial activity.

Irrespective of footprint, all Financial Services providers depend on the ability to turn data into insights.

Bottomline’s Message Vault offers a single-window into your Financial Messaging data- the lifeblood of all businesses. The cloud-based solution allows your organisation to readily manage the ever-increasing availability of payment information across different networks, payment channels, banks, formats, and clearing institutions.

Users can rapidly discover the information their business needs through a secure model that can be leveraged by any network or platform through open APIs.

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Business advantages

With extensibility to the events and interventions associated with messages, understand the global and granular perspectives of your transactional lifecycles. Achieve all of this irrespective of location, regulations and format requirements.

More comprehensive, more agile, financial message management:

Rapidly retrieve information on any transaction.

Find the detail you seek in real-time, through API or UI via the Universal Search.

Complete configuration of search criteria by the user, permitting various levels of granularity.

Communicate with all Financial Messaging platforms through an open, API-based service.

Full-text search augmented by, fuzzy logic, value ranges and operators.


Product capabilites

High performance search - Rapidly addresses client and operational needs through real-time search and retrieval of business-critical data. Quickly find the best matches for your full-text searches, irrespective of the size of the data sets, thanks to distributed inverted indices.

Multi-connectivity, Multi-format - Bottomline’s ability to support multi-connectivity requirements, payment message types and formats is vital for maintaining automation across the full transactional lifecycle. Bottomline’s Message Vault can ingest and index message data from all Financial Messaging networks and platforms, supporting the operational needs of all financial institutions.

Simple administration - Access and control is fully configurable, with administration occuring directly within the user interface or via API. Effective segregation of duty for worldwide users ensures the comprehensive level of security required by the industry


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