Its members include dentists, technicians and students who share a commitment to clinical excellence. 

BACD required an efficient and secure payment technology to process around 600 Direct Debit collections totalling £22,000 per month alongside renewal communications for 750 members. 

Following a recommendation from Barclays, BACD implemented PTX to manage all Direct Debit processes. Read the customer success story to discover how PTX has allowed BACD to:

Gain better visibility and control over Direct Debit lifecycle

Improve the customer experience 

Support paperless initiative 

Manage renewal processes with cloud-based communications

BACD has now significantly improved the overall efficiency of Direct Debit collections, with them seeing over 95%+ member renewal rates.



“Managing our renewals is vastly more streamlined now. We are no longer printing and posting renewal reminders so we save on postage costs and we’re not at the mercy of the postal system too.”


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