A Flexible Solution To Manage All of Your One off Payments

PTX Payouts is ideally suited to industries that regularly refund or compensate customers. These include organisations involved in travel, financial services or retail. The solution can also be used to manage use cases for one-off payments such as insurance claims, compensation, education grants and lottery wins.

Paying Refunds Can Be Complex and Lead to a Poor Customer Experience

UK Law protects consumers’ rights when they purchase goods or services from you. In most cases, every organisation will find they need to provide refunds or compensation for faulty or undelivered goods, poor service or any issues with the payment when the transaction was processed.

The complexities associated with paying refunds and compensation can be expensive and inefficient for the payer and lead to a poor customer experience, just when it’s least needed. Emotions are high, claimants have high expectations and your reputation might be at stake.

Often the person(s) applying for a refund or compensation maybe different from the person who originally purchased the goods or services. Organisations must be able to quickly and efficiently capture and confirm the payee’s details, whilst keeping them secure to ensure you remain compliant with GDPR.


Reduces the load on call centre staff through the provision of secure customer self-service web pages to capture bank account details

Removes the need to manage Personally Identifiable Data (PII) such as sort code, bank account number and postal address

Reduces the risk of unpaid refunds or payment fraud by using bank account verification and payee verification

Lowers the cost of processing by offering an alternative to cheques

Why it matters

Ensure claimants receive their money faster – choose between Bacs (3 days) or Faster Payments (1 day)

Product Capabilities

Interactive, secure, payment forms that are hosted by Bottomline

'Modulus checking' removes the opportunity for customers to type the wrong sort code or account number into the payment form

Know who you pay: Make sure you pay the right person by using Verify Confirmation of Payee (CoP). This system has a 99%* match rate with bank accounts that are updated almost instantly, giving you the assurance that your payment is going to the correct recipient.

PTX Payments provides standard BACS or Faster Payments to ensure refunds are paid in the fastest possible time

Reconcile transaction easily using a CSV download or a call back automatically to update your host systems

A more simple and secure way

PTX Payouts will provide the means to securely refund your customers in the fastest possible time where a direct credit to the customer's account is needed


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