It’s no surprise that the use of cheques in the market to make payments has decreased over the years, but the total loss to businesses that are still using cheques is significantly high compared with previous years, at 161% increase in 2019, according to UK Finance, 'Fraud the Facts 2020'.


In 2018, Pay.Uk introduced the Image Clearing System which allowed for images of cheques to be exchanged between banks and building societies. The Image Clearing System replaced the paper clearing process and was a way to catch up with technology; thus, making cheques digital for users to make electronic payments and improve processing timescales.


As fraudsters quickly figured, the Image Clearing System had some security vulnerabilities which were open to manipulation. In response, the industry introduced Image Survivable Feature (ISF), a feature designed specifically for the Image Clearing System. 


In this short video find out more about our cheques printing service and more about the new Image Survivable Feature (ISF).

Secure Cheque Payment Processing (Full Video)

What is an Image Survivable Feature for cheques? (10 mins)

What is an Image Survivable Feature for cheques? (5 min)

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