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Secure Payments

Protect payments across a variety of applications, channels & payment types.

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The Challenge

Business payments complexity, along with the increase in the speed and volume of regulatory compliance requirements, is creating an elevated risk environment for organisations across the globe. With fraudsters moving across channels and organisational silos to succeed in their attacks, it is proving increasingly difficult to reduce risk while maintaining a seamless customer experience.

Our Solution

Bottomline's Secure Payments solution protects payments across a variety of applications, channels, and payment types. Whether it is one business critical application, channel and payment type, or a variety, our highly flexible and extensible platform delivers proven protection against payment fraud through advanced analytics of user behavior and transaction flows layered with intelligent machine learning, reducing risk for some of the largest corporations and financial institutions in the world. Supports a broad range of applications (banking platforms, payment hubs, service bureaus, ERPs) channels (Online and offline) and payment types: SWIFT Financials, FileAct, SEPA, SIC4, ACH, Fedwire, Check, ISO20022 and ISO8583.

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Cyber Fraud & Risk Management: Secure Payments

White Paper

Payment Fraud: The Two-Faced Threat


Financial Fraud, Payment Fraud - Can You Spot the Risks?

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  • Dramatically improve visibility and reduce risk with cross-channel protection of your most critical payment types and applications
  • Significantly increase agility and accuracy to detect and act through technology infused with deep risk, compliance and payments expertise, including machine learning and transaction blocking
  • Improve investigative productivity and accuracy with integrated rich visualisation and forensic tools
  • Easily and elegantly evolve your payment security strategy by selecting from a wide range of channels and payment types – quickly activating more as needed
74% of financial professionals reported that their companies experienced payments fraud last year  -  Source: 2017 AFP Payments Fraud and Controls Survey.
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$5B – Domestic and international exposed dollar amount of business email compromise (BEC) last year -  Source: FBI Internet Crime Compliant Center (IC3) 2017


  • Intelligently profiles the user activity of each account and detects deviations and alerts in real-time on suspicious activity - Automatically blocks fraudulent transactions in real-time
  • Uses machine learning, advanced analytics and predictive modeling to reduce false positives
  • Comprehensive investigation center enables investigators to easily adjust scoring parameters, calculation methods, and thresholds
  • Fully integrates with Bottomline payments solutions to create a superior fraud detection environment
  • Learn more about the Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management platform

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