Why Bottomline AP and AR Automation Solutions?

Business payments are more complex than ever

Treasury, finance and accounts payable departments are challenged by manual processes, complex global supply chains and evolving payment fraud risks and regulatory requirements. They must keep payment operations running no matter what challenges they face, while staying ahead of the latest payment schemes and technologies.

We're here to help. Our flexible suite of solutions can help your organization streamline and secure critical
payment processes. 

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"For organizations of all sizes, top 3 areas of inefficiency across treasury, AP and AR include cash forecasting, invoice processing and payment receipt and reconciliation."

Source: B2B Payments Survey Report

Stay ahead of the curve

According to the 2020 B2B Payments Survey from Strategic Treasurer and Bottomline, most businesses plan to expand their use of fintech solutions within three years.

2020 B2B Payments Survey Report

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