Securely communicate, reconcile, and manage the data in financial transactions within, and between Banks and Financial Institutions, both locally and internationally.  Our leadership position in the market provides you with the peace of mind and stability of a tested partner.


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With our suite of Swift Services, you gain a single access point to multiple payment networks and systems.  Tailor our solutions to fit your needs—use them as a comprehensive set or individually, depending on what suits you best. 

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Message Transformation and Enrichment

An intelligent ISO 20022 transformation and application integration product, managing the co-existence of different standard message formats, sophisticated content, event-driven workflows, and business process automation.  This helps you solve the challenges of MIS ISO migrations.

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Statement and Transaction Reconciliation

Enterprise-wide reconciliation for all business lines and market instruments, dramatically improving operational efficiency while reducing risk exposure.  Market instruments include cash, general ledger, bank accounts, securities transactions, custodians holdings, funds, treasury, foreign exchange, money markets, and more.

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Swift Interface Software

A high-performance multi-company financial messaging solution, providing a comprehensive connection hub to SWIFT and other networks. Allows banks and financial institutions to have a single window overview of high-volume and complex message flows from multiple counter-parties over a number of networks and protocols.  

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Relied upon each day by the world’s largest banks and financial institutions

Our Swift services are comprised of individual and modular components, each providing best-in-class solutions for financial transactions.

Built for your needs

Benefits and Features

Modular and flexible access to the full range of market-leading services for financial transactions

Portfolio suite provides multi-network access, real-time reconciliation, transformation, routing, liquidity management, market data management and sanction screening across business lines and market instruments

Interoperable with your existing back-office systems

Able to work in harmony with other Bottomline and third-party solutions

Extensible architecture to handle ultra-high volume operational demands

Integrated end-to-end portfolio suite

Streamlines the complexities of multiple and disparate vendor integrations with a single end-to-end platform solution

Provides cost-efficient access to global best-in-class services

Enables retention of investment in existing systems

Expands as your requirements mature and grow with a flexible deployment and usage model

Delivers measureable cost efficiencies and highest levels of straight-through-processing

Proven and reliable product portfolio

The importance of meeting upcoming ISO deadlines is one of the things highlighted in our 2023 Payments Barometer Study where businesses of all sizes ranked payments modernization — including the Fedwire Funds Transfer System and ISO 20022 — as top 10 influences on payment processes in the next 12 months.

Download the report now to learn about the upcoming payment priorities are for your business customers!

Highlights from this year’s report

We reveal:

  • Influences driving change
  • Shifts in payment fraud
  • Managing cash and liquidity
  • Adopting new payment technologies
  • 12-month priorities for finance teams
  • Preparing for new payment initiatives

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Areas of Value Our Solution Provides

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Gain operational efficiencies across legacy, proprietary, and national variant formats

Regardless of the format and protocol, our message transformation and enrichment service is the ideal tool to ensure complete interoperability between legacy national SEPA, DTCC, and XML messaging standards. It provides an efficient rule-based mapping tool between any formats, supporting all financial libraries.

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Enhance visibility across all business areas

For many, reconciliation can be a complex, tedious, and time-consuming process. Our comprehensive solution seamlessly incorporates all data types across the entire enterprise, coupled with a powerful transformation engine, to ensure format interoperability.

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Connect to a single, comprehensive Swift service

Ensures Banks and financial institutions have a single window overview of high-volume and complex message flows from multiple counter-parties over a number of networks and protocols. Our premium solution harmonizes a disparate matrix of formats and protocols, ensuring complete interoperability between legacy, domestic and XML messaging standards.

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